Mixed media artist living in Santa Fe, New Mexico

artist statement

laura telander

I get very excited about pattern. I cannot get enough of printed ornamental gems and fragments that reveal a specific cultural aesthetic. I am fascinated by the relationships evoked as I explore the ins and outs of various designs, surface qualities and color choices. Pattern is often dismissed as merely decorative or devoid of content, but I find the opposite to be true. Line, shape, and color can be intense references to the human body, to our visceral response and our physiological connections. I ponder the following dichotomies:

complexity within simplicity the divine in the everyday
the saturated and the detached the personal and the universal irony and beauty

fragments form the whole

I would like to think of my work as a piercing in the otherwise predictable canvas of our everyday routine. A singular spark, a moment to dig, a pleasant distraction, a poke to the other side. My work is slow. I layer and scrape and layer and sand and layer and scrape... I work in a history of choices and deliberately leave imprints of previous incarnations. I want the surface to reveal the process as much as the image it has become. My paintings are less about paint manipulation and more a codex of pigment application. I invite the viewer to partake in a visual pas de duex, shall we dance?

Laura graduated from the University of California at Davis with a BA in studio art and from the University of New Mexico with an MFA in painting and drawing. She is a resident of Santa Fe.

Laura Telander