You will find me with multiple brushes, hands covered in paint, apron messy with mostly bright colors and a happy heart. When I begin a painting I dive right in! I pick a color I am feeling most attracted to at the given moment. From there, I work using color, movement, and texture to create a balanced piece of artwork.


Most recently, I have been exploring using words to drive my creative process. Taking challenging memories from my past, inspirational poems, and current thoughts, I use these to reflect on as I begin to paint. This guides my color choices, layout, and final product. This emotive process has created in me a deeper sense of connection to my artwork. You can see the beginnings of my current series, "Words Translated" on my website -


Overall, my enjoyment comes from the process of taking a blank page and making it come to life. 



Art has always been a passion of mine. Both my grandmothers were primary influences in my early artistic endeavors. As a child, my grandmother taught me how to draw portraits while sitting in church and the other took private art lessons with me. At school, any subject was fun if ART was a part of the assignment. 


After graduating with a B.A. in Commercial Art from Walla Walla University in 2007 I worked as a graphic designer for a number of years. Eventually, I found my way back to pursuing a career in fine art and exploring my love for abstract art.



I create art because I must. It is in me.

Kandyce King

Mixed media artist living in College Place, WA. Her work will be on display at the Telander Gallery until October 31. For more information, please see her website,